Custody Solution


You can monitor your ex’s alcohol use when they have
visitation or custody of your children.


Protect Your Children

Are you concerned that drinking is a problem during visitation? Our breathalyzers will provide piece of mind and help protect your children.

Service Area

We can monitor alcohol use from anywhere in the United States. Call us today. 


We provide BI SL2™ breathalyzers to monitor alcohol use for child custody case and ongoing visitation accountability. If you are concerned or suspicious that drinking is a problem during visitation, and you want to protect your children, then CAMtech Monitoring has a personilized solutuon for you. 

Automated Alcohol Monitoring

We offer a new approach to alcohol monitoring with a convenient, portable device. Testing is completely automated with real time test results and alerts.

The SL2 device uses a built-in cellular module to send.

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