CAMtech Monitoring provides SL2 breathalyzers to monitor alcohol use for child custody case and ongoing visitation accountability. If you are concerned or suspicious that drinking is a problem during visitation, and you want to protect your children, then CAMtech and the SL2 devices may be the solution.

Your “ex” or current spouse can use the SL2 device to monitor their drinking. You will have peace of mind about their sobriety during visitation or custody of the kids.

CAMtech Monitoring and the SL2 device will provide an answer for your concerns. When the concern of alcohol use is set aside, you can move forward with the other important issues for therapy, custody, or other issues related to the best interests of the children.


CAMtech offers a new approach to alcohol monitoring. Where the term alcohol monitoring is frequently associated with urine testing or an alcohol ankle bracelet; the SL2 device is the first truly portable, convenient, and discreet alcohol monitoring solution. The SL2 device has a proven track record in Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment with a presence in all 50 states and Canada. 



  • Convenient, portable monitoring device
  • Completely automated
  • Real-time test results and alerts
  • Uses a built-in cellular module to send results.


The portable alcohol monitoring device collects a deep-lung breath sample to measure Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), while simultaneously taking a photo of the individual to confirm their identity. The breathalyzer wirelessly submits the test results to a cloud-based Monitoring Web Portal where instant alerts can be set up to notify contacts if there are signs of a relapse.

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