How do I get started?

Contact CAMtech Monitoring at 209-472-3700 or click the “Contact Us” tab. A CAMtech representative will provide assistance with implementing your alcohol monitoring program.

How many tests should I set for the participant?

We suggest 2-3 tests, spanning throughout the day and taking into consideration any times that may be a trigger for the participant. Informing the client of their test times reduces anxiety and lowers the likelihood of missed tests.

What happens if a positive test is received? 

Upon a positive test, the client receives prompts for retesting in order to provide evaluative data. Contacts who are enrolled to receive Alerts on a positive test will be notified immediately upon the test being received, allowing for quick response and intervention.

How accurate is the SL2 device?

The devices use a medical grade fuel cell sensor made by Dart Sensors, Ltd. The detection range is from .000 to .400 BrAC with an accuracy of +/- .005%. The device will recognize when recalibration is due, at which time the unit can be sent to CAMtech Monitoring. The device is court-admissible and validated. 

How do I order the SL2 device for child custody purposes? 

CAMtech Monitoring will provide the SL2 device, perform the alcohol monitoring, and provide reports. CAMtech Monitoring is an established agency with extensive experience in alcohol monitoring.

Do I need to purchase the device? 

No, you do not purchase the device. CAMtech asks for a refundable deposit.

Can other people have access to my test results? 

Yes, given this is agreed upon between the various parties, CAMtech Monitoring can give account access to other individuals and even set up restricted permissions to view results.


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